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Video Of World’s Largest Tyre Graveyard In Kuwait Goes Viral

Amid growing concerns about the rising effects of global warming and pollution on the planet, a new video of burning tyres in Kuwait is gaining traction on the Internet.

Although all major metropolitan cities are battling the side effects of poisoned air, water, and land, the viral video clearly shows just how far the planet is from even dreaming of a clean environment.

Viral video captures the world’s largest tyre graveyard

The video captures the world’s largest tyre graveyard in Kuwait. As the camera pans over the thousands of tyres laid to waste in the vast land, a massive cloud of black smoke is seen rising from far away in the field, seemingly from the disposal of the rubber tires by burning them.

Netizens in the comments shared their concern for the environment as they joked about the state of the planet, given the horrifying scene captured in the video. One wrote, “Won’t be getting pollution down to zero today kiddos,” while another commented, “That tire fire is pretty dire.” A netizen informed in the comment section, “Oddly enough, huge strides have been made in tire recycling. They use them to make roads,” as one added, “At this point, we should build them a facility to burn them at least with a filter…for our own good.”

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Video sparks debate on who should bear the responsibility to save the environment

Among the shell-shocked commenters were some who started a discourse on how the majority of responsibility to save the environment and minimize pollution conveniently lands on the consumer, whereas the actual source of the rising levels of greenhouse gases is the commercial landscape. The big corporations that use banning plastic straws as a cover for their poor waste recycling programs took a major hit in the comments as netizens picked out the major players who contribute to the growing levels of pollution on the planet.

Previously, in 2021, Kuwait moved the disposed of tyres to a new location near the Saudi border and talked about building around 25,000 homes in the old location while simultaneously recycling the tyres in an environment-friendly way, per Mint.

From the looks of the video, the recycling plan of the country strayed further away from its original plan, as they initially wanted to sort and shred the tyres to turn them into colorful floor tiles. The government enlisted the help of the EPSCO Global General Trading recycling company, which planned to have its employees do the task, but now a video of the never-ending field of tyres has gone viral.

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