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UK metal recycler expands fleet with Hiab

Northern Metal Recycling Ltd., based in Durham, U.K., has expanded its fleet with the addition of two new trucks from Hiab, headquartered in Sweden.

Northern Metal Recycling’s services include metal recycling, demolition, and factory clearance. The company has invested in a Hiab Multilift Futura 18 skip loader fitted to a truck manufactured by Dutch company DAF and a Multilift Ultima 24S hook loader on an 8 x 4 truck made by Scania of Sweden to meet the growing demand for its services.

The Multilift Futura 18 skip loader has an 18-metric-ton capacity and will be used to service its factory, engineering, and public sector clients with skips. The Multilift Ultima 24S hook lift is a sliding hook lift with a 24-metric-ton capacity for four-axle trucks.

The Multilift Ultima 24S hook lift features Hiab’s Sequence Performance technology, enabling automatic sequence control via a single-lever movement for loading, unloading and tipping. While the Multilift Futura 18’s MaxPerformance gives users the ability to haul an 18-metric-ton capacity in a single trip, increasing productivity while reducing fuel consumption.

ordan Bell, director of Northern Metal Recycling Ltd., says, “Hiab is well-regarded industrywide for its product quality, technological innovations and customer experience and so were a natural choice for us when making such a significant investment.”

Bell continues, “The new trucks take our fleet from seven to nine and, thanks to the fantastic features on both pieces of kit, we have been able to expand our nationwide service with confidence while increasing efficiencies, safety, and user experience. There’s no doubt in my mind that it was a worthwhile investment, and we’re delighted with our experience so far.”

Dek Butler, the Multilift specialist for Hiab U.K., adds, “We developed the entire Multilift range with significant innovations to ensure greater control, safety and productivity in any loading duty.

“We’re delighted to hear that Jordan and his team are already benefiting from the specialist equipment. Thanks to the vast number of features included, we are confident our skip loader and hook lift will continue to serve Northern Metal Recycling’s business for its current and future needs,” he adds.

For more information about Northern Metal Recycling please visit www.northernmetalrecycling.co.uk, and to find out more about Hiab and its MULTILIFT range visit www.hiab.com.


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