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Threefold focus on commercial plastic recycling hub

Synova, SABIC Global Technologies, and Technip Energies have joined forces to build a commercial plant in Europe, which will produce virgin-quality olefins and aromatics from plastic scrap.

The plant will use a combined technology developed by Synova and Technip Energies and will be integrated with one of SABIC’s steam crackers. This will enable it to treat a wide range of mixed plastics.

A key solution is Synova’s proprietary solids cracking technology (MILENA) in combination with its gas conditioning and tars removal technology (OLGA) for the conversion of plastic waste into product gas, which contains high-value chemicals.

This process is complemented by Synova’s proprietary gas treatment technology (Pure.rGas) to remove contaminants from the product gas and purify it to bring the final products up to a specification compatible with processing in a steam cracker downstream of the cracker furnace.

By pooling their expertise, the partners are positioned to convert plastic waste into high-value chemicals, enabling an efficient plastic circularity route and a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, the innovative facility demonstrates its shared vision; closing the loop for used plastic.

Meanwhile, SABIC’s affiliate SABIC Ventures US Holdings has become an investor in Synova. The latter will use this investment to enhance the development of its technology and to strengthen its engineering capabilities.

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