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The company applies for a certificate of need to open a tire recycling facility

KINGWOOD — Attorneys for Bionic Tire Recycling, LLC have submitted an application to the Public Service Commission for a certificate of need to open a waste tire solid waste facility in Preston County.

According to the application, the facility is asking to receive up to 4,400 tons of tires per month from both in-state and out-of-state users but projects the average monthly tonnage of waste tires will total about 2,200 tons per month.

In May, business partners Tim Davis and Michael Hovatter met with Preston County Solid Waste Authority Board members to discuss their facility plans.

Davis told the board their intent is to locate the facility on four acres in the industrial park at Reedsville. He said the tires would be processed into a material that can be used in six products, including car bumpers and asphalt products. He said he and Hovatter wanted to open the business by the first quarter of 2023.

“We’ll work with the towns, the states, and municipalities,” he told board members. “The process we’ll use will separate the tires from the steel and contaminants, consisting of dirt, small stones, and other items picked up by the tires. The steel will be recycled and only the debris will go into the landfill.”

Davis estimated the process would result in 600 pounds of steel being produced per day, and from 2% to 5% would be waste dirt and contaminants from the tires.

In its filing with the PSC, Bionic Tire Recycling says that “it is expected that a high percentage of the volume received at the waste tire facility will be from various commercial aggregators of waste tires, including solid waste motor carriers. However, the waste tire facility will also accept waste tires from private individuals seeking to dispose of their personal waste tires.”

On an average month, the company says, it expects to receive tires from about 100 different commercial waste tire sources.

He said none of the tires collected would be left outside the business on the ground. Excess tires would be stored in box trucks.

Traditional tire facilities have outside piles, some processes are completed outside and runoff ponds for groundwater are required. Putting everything inside a building should alleviate environmental issues commonly associated with the processing, according to Davis.

Preston Solid Waste Authority board members voted unanimously to draft a memo in support of the business as long as none of the tires were to be stored outside the building on the ground.

According to information submitted to the PSC, the rate to be charged for disposal of tires from individuals’ vehicles, size 425-by-20 inches or smaller, would be Passenger car tires, $1.50 per tire; light truck tires, $2.11 per tire; heavy truck tires, $6.02 per tire.

The fee for a trailer/dump commercial would be $59 per ton minimum. All tires larger than 425-by-20 inches will be priced by inspection at a negotiable rate. Rates are exclusive of applicable state and county assessment fees. Assessment fees are charged per ton or any part thereof disposed.

On Oct. 3, the West Virginia Public Service Commission referred the request for a certificate of need to its Division of Administrative Law Judges, which is to make a decision in the case by May 1, 2023.

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