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Surrey gets new waste reduction and recycling center

Since September 9, Surrey residents have had access to a new waste and recycling facility. According to Metro Vancouver’s press release, the new disposal site is “designed to fit in with the community and has plenty of room for vehicles, preventing traffic backups on city streets.”

As the release outlined, the new center will include options for users to drop off items, join disposal queues, or pay a fee to recycle “yard trimmings, clean wood, food scraps, gypsum, and mattresses.”

The recycling facility is located on 154 Street in Newton, Surrey. As reflected by the close proximity of residents, the facility is set to serve the growing population of Surrey residents and their needs, according to the city mayor, Doug McCallum. In an interview with the City of Surrey, he said, “The much-needed new Central Surrey Recycling and Waste Center will serve our growing population, increase waste diversion, and help curb illegal dumping.”

This central location will provide an alternative to the existing recycling facility in North Surrey at 192 Street. Jack Froese, chair of Metro Vancouver’s zero waste committee, said the new facility will allow users to save time, “reduce their travel distances by about two million kilometers per year — and as a result reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 500 tonnes per year.”

To incentivize the use of these facilities, Surrey will have “Disposal Day” events in place for its “residents to drop off unwanted waste and household items for free or at discounted rates from September 19–October 2.”

Chair of Metro Vancouver’s board of directors, Sav Dhaliwal said, “With a 64% diversion rate, Metro Vancouver is already a North American leader in waste reduction and recycling.” Currently, Metro Vancouver operates two similar facilities in Langley and Maple Ridge.

This new waste center is funded by Metro Vancouver under its five-year financial plan. Construction Business magazine noted the site currently functions on “environmental and sustainability guidelines.” They also mentioned the possibility of expanding the kinds of recycling materials accepted and integrating “new innovation and technology” in the future.

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