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Pyrolysis Plants Have Evaded the CPCB in Karnataka

Reports in Karnataka papers highlight that the pyrolysis pollution problem is persistent

India’s Central Pollution Control Board was supposed to have taken charge of India’s pyrolysis pollution situation by clamping down of polluting pyrolysis plants. In 2019, the CPCB issued closure notices to some 270 plants that were not following the country’s Standard Operating Practice (SOP).

Yet, three years down the line the State of Karntataka is reported to still have 19 such plants operating.

Karnataka’s State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) was supposed to manage compliance with SOP. However, of the 34 plants in the state, twelve complied with the anti-pollution orders, three shut down, and 19 are still operating freely.

KSPCB Chairman Shanth A Thimmaiah stated that he had overseen the closure of eight units that failed to comply with SOP.

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When questioned about the length of time the process was taking, Thimmaiah said that there were procedures that had to be followed but that damages would be recovered from those businesses that failed to comply.

However, he added that the rules had changed. Whereas there used to be a five-year period for filing compliance reports for red category polluters, such as pyrolysis plants, this had been reduced to six-monthly reporting, to be followed by random inspections. Thimmaiah said that this was already showing results.

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