APPINGEDAM – Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions and Re-Gen have just finalised the installation of their new Bollegraaf HBC-140, one of the “next generation” Bollegraaf HBC balers. With a much-reduced rate of wire breakage and lower energy consumption, the Bollegraaf HBC-140 produces even heavier bales than previously.

After all, compact heavy bales maximize the freight and handling thus vastly reducing those associated costs. So plenty of reasons to buy the Bollegraaf HBC-140!

“A baler is at the heart of any recycling facility and Re-Gen wanted to ensure the design of this new installation achieved the most efficient processing plant possible. One of the main selection criteria, as part of its competitive purchasing process, was the bale weight for plastics. Bollegraaf was the only company that offered self-learning, and electronic control channel pressure. It is self-regulating and adapts to the material being baled in the channel. This system can increase your bale weight by 10 to 20% compared to traditional channel pressure systems.

We’re very happy with the results of the final installation. Our goals have been more than achieved, the capacity is enormous. We now work 2-3 hours less per day, big savings!” according to Colin Doherty, Director of Re-Gen.

“With more than 50 years of experience, Bollegraaf is one of the most knowledgeable suppliers in the market. We know there is no single specification for the composition of waste which is why we believe versatility is key. It inspires us to engineer, build and deliver tailor-made solutions that are easy to use, have a low cost of ownership, perform to your specifications, and offer an excellent return on investment.” says Bram Bos, Sales Director at Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions. “For example, a high bale weight cannot be reached with 5 wires only. In order to prevent the wires from snapping at maximum compression force, normally you have to use cross-wires or double wires. Thus the cost of using double binding wire will be double. Also, switching from single to double or cross wires takes time”. “At Re-Gen, we used only the upper thread as double wire. In practice, this is sufficient to keep the heavily compressed bales together. The big advantage is: the wire consumption is reduced by 2/3 compared to cross wires or double wire”.

Bollegraaf has a long tradition in the production of ‘best-in-class’ balers and has recently introduced several innovations and upgrades to their existing line of HBC balers:

Self-learning channel pressure

This major development is self-learning and electronic channel pressure control. It is self-regulating and adapts to the material being baled in the channel. This system can potentially increase your bale weight by 10 to 20% compared to traditional channel pressure systems.


The motors of the HBC-140 baler are equipped with a frequency drive control, enabling them to run at a low RPM, in case the feed of material is insufficient. This Eco-design GIVES you electricity savings of up to 30%. One of the most prominent features of these next-generation balers is our innovative Variable Frequency Drive resulting in significantly less energy consumption and less noise during operation. Bollegraaf already has the most efficient hydraulic block on the market, & combined with a baler that automatically has a standby mode after 180 seconds, Bollegraaf has truly gone one stage further by offering our customers the new Eco baler option. Running the main motors using variable-frequency drives”.

Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions is the leading global engineering and manufacturer of turnkey recycling solutions and recycling equipment. The company is renowned for the innovative character and reliability of its solutions and the high quality of its products. The company has a track record of more than 50 years of experience in the industry and invests heavily in Research and Development as well as in the latest manufacturing equipment and facilities. All of this is to ensure a profitable and sustainable business for its customers. Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions is based in the Netherlands and is the trading name of Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery BV and Lubo Systems BV. Bollegraaf has subsidiaries in Germany, France, the UK, and Spain for sales and service. Furthermore, have a large dealer organization that covers the whole of the USA and Canada and sales representatives, service engineers, and sales agents based all over the world.


One of Europe’s most advanced MRF installations – Re-Gen Waste has already helped many Councils throughout the UK and Ireland deal with their recycling needs. Strategically located to service the needs of public and private sector organizations throughout the UK and Ireland, Re-Gen is capable of processing in excess of 120,000 tonnes of commingled dry recyclable waste every year. Combining a state-of-the-art automated sorting line overseen by a team of 40 operatives, Re-Gen can guarantee that all materials passing through the facility are separated to the highest of standards. Helping both public and private sector partnerships not only meet their EU quotas but exceed them, Re-Gen Waste is here to help you take the lead in the race to reduce waste.

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