DREISBACH – About 25 years ago Volker Haas established in a double garage in Stockum-Püschen in the Westerwald region what today is Haas Holzzerkleinerungs- und Fördertechnik GmbH. He was supported by his brothers Armin and Martin. The company is one of the worldwide renowned specialists for mobile and stationary recycling plants for waste wood.

Zollikofer is an international logistic and commercial business for saw by-products, used, forest, and energy wood with headquarters in Bad Wurzach. Since 1966 Zollikofer has been successfully active in wood logistics and trade. With five locations for wood processing and storage all over Germany, Zollikofer has been one of the market leaders for years. “We understand our customers as partners to whom we forward goods of the highest quality and at reasonable prices as quickly as possible. Due to our well thought-out and proven processing and logistic processes, we not only secure the quality of our raw materials but also the complete satisfaction of our customers”, said Wilfried Zollikofer regarding the corporate philosophy and image.

Since 2013 the company uses processing technology from HAAS at two locations. The processing plant at the location Riedlings was commissioned in October 2013. So far 87 500 tons of waste wood have been processed in 2500 operating hours. The main consumer of processed material is the chipboard industry. The processing line has been designed for a throughput of 35 t/h.

The centerpiece, a HAAS hammer mill, type HSZ-V 1600, is equipped with a ballistic chute and an easy screen change system. Due to the ballistic chute, foreign parts are separated automatically. In the past, foreign parts had to be removed manually, which was extremely time-consuming. Another advantage is that downtimes, as well as wear, are reduced significantly due to this system. With the help of the easy screen change system, it is possible for Zollikofer to open the hammer mill hydraulically and change the screen basket within a very short time. Downtimes and wear are reduced; as a result, costs are minimized.

Zollikofer is supplied with unprocessed waste wood and with pre-crushed material. Feeding is carried out via two components, i.e. a feeding bunker, which loads the pre-crushed waste wood, and a HAAS Double Shaft Slow Speed Shredder type TYRON 2000, which pre-shreds the unprocessed waste wood. The material from the feeding bunker is passed to the hammer mill via a HAAS conveyor belt. Parallel to this, the unprocessed waste wood is pre-shredded by the slow-speed shredder and also passed to the hammer mill on the conveyor belt. Ferrous parts are separated by strong electrical magnets. The hammer mill is continuously and uniformly fed by means of the intelligent control system. If there is not enough material from the slow-speed shredder, more material is taken from the feeding bunker and vice versa. “Thus, Zollikofer saves a medium-sized five-digit amount per year”, calculated Hubert Achberger, the Technical Manager. Afterward, ferrous and non-ferrous parts, which are still in after ground material, are separated again. The material is then separated by a flat-screen into different fractions and transported to a bunker where it is stored temporarily.

Quality, partnership, and reliability – are values that determine the activities and the daily work of HAAS: Volker Haas underlined: “From the start until today, the customer and his individual requirements and desires are in the focus of our activities.”

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