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Belarussian company to build a waste recycling plant in Karakol

Construction of a waste recycling plant worth of 111 million will begin in Karakol.

The respective agreement was signed with the Belarussian company Sifania Ecotechnika.

The waste recycling plant will be constructed as part of the Growth Point Project, financed from the public budget.

135 million soum was allocated for the construction of the plant. The tender was won by Sifania Ecotechnika, which proposed to build the plant for 111 million soms. The remaining 24 million soms will be spent on the construction of the hangar and other works.

Delivery and installation of the plant should take 90 days, Karakol mayor Ermat Jumaev said.

All necessary equipment will be brought in November. Workers will receive training in December. Some 40-50 people may be employed during the waste recycling plant construction. Waste will be sorted at the current landfill. The waste will be sorted by the Tazalyk cleaning enterprise, the mayor said.

This will be the first-ever waste recycling plant in the country. The Karakol authorities expect the project to pay off within 4-5 years.

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