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3 Gran Size Ranges Achieved with a Combination of Inventhor 6 and Selector 800.2

During some extensive test runs the combination of INVENTHOR 6 and SELECTOR 800.2 achieved the best results in the field of commercial waste.
To find out the grain sizes and throughput rates that can be achieved in the commercial waste application, we have arranged a really efficient combination and put it to the test in several extensive trials runs: The INVENTHOR 6 pre-shredder and the SELECTOR 800.2 spiral shaft separator proved to be a very successful team in the shredding of commercial waste to a defined grain size with impressive efficiency. With its VarioDirect drive system, a combination of mechanical and hydraulic drive, the INVENTHOR 6 transmits the driving force variably to the shredding system thus permitting a flexible adjustment of the roller speed – to suit the corresponding challenge – with highly efficient engine performance at a constant speed, high power reserves and low fuel consumption. In case of contaminants in the shredding chamber, the hydraulically controlled comb opens automatically and discharges smaller contaminants. If the contaminant is too large, the roller reverses and makes the removal of contaminants easy to prevent damage. Furthermore, the shredder is quickly ready for work again after maintenance operations thanks to the extendable comb flap and to the patented Dopp-Lock® shredding system.

Together with the SELECTOR 800.2, a specialist for tangling materials that are difficult to screen, the spiral shaft technology can achieve grain sizes ranging from 0 – 200 and 0 – 150 mm, depending on the screening deck, sometimes even between 0 and 100 mm. The SELECTOR 800.2 separates the material flows nearly without any clogging or wrapping – and with a constantly high and powerful screening quality thanks to self-cleaning screening gaps. By means of the material return system, the oversize is transported back into the shredder – for an efficient result in just one process step. What makes SELECTOR 800.2 so special: it works without a drive in combination with the shredder because it is driven by the additional hydraulic connection of the INVENTHOR 6. The benefits at a glance: are constant production, high efficiency, no disturbance by contaminants, and low wear and fuel consumption. In short: moderate operating costs and high machine availability. All in all a maximum performance for the smallest possible results!

Articles Source: doppstadt

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